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Standard Lighters

A decent light is an essential piece of kit for any smoker. We stock a wide variety refillable lighters. You'll also find a variety of branded and unbranded lighters including Clipper and Pierre Cardin. All off the lights in this category are fuelled by butane gas but are shipped empty due to shipping regulations.


Just because an electric lighter is inexpensive, doesn't mean it has to look cheap. We don't do drab, dreary and tacky here at Shiva. We prefer stylish, chic and top quality, even if our price tags say modest and reasonable. And that's a policy that extends to all our products, even the most everyday - including our range of electric lighters. We believe that practicality doesn't have to be at odds with design flair.

So why not light up in style with our opulently gleaming Gold Bullion Bar Keyring Lighter. OK, it's not made from real gold, but it glitters and shines like the lustrous element that Old English Anglo Saxons called “geolo,” meaning “yellow.” It slips on and off your keyring in a jiffy so that you can carry it around with you with ease. And it'll definitely evoke the kind of look on your friends' faces that says: “I want one of those.”

As luxurious electric lighters go, we think our gorgeous Black Onyx Table Lighter is well-nigh impossible to beat. Sensuously smooth and satisfyingly heavy, the Onyx from which it is fashioned was forged deep in the recesses of ferocious volcanoes under incredible pressure and incendiary heat. Its violent origins have bequeathed it with immense beauty, each one coming with a unique marbled pattern embedded in the crystal mineral shell.

Not only is it a delight to hold and handle, it looks fabulous on the coffee table, and it comes with a soft velvet base to prevent scratching.

Classically timeless in design, it'll last a lifetime - not simply because it's refillable but because you can replace the insert in the onyx shell (which contains the vital parts of the lighter and is subject to the most wear and tear) with a new one whenever you need to.

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