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Zippo Lighter Accessories

From its origins in a Pennsylvania factory back in 1933, the Zippo range has become an iconic and instantly recognised brand across the world. And its not just the enduring appeal of the classically designed metal shell that draws people to it - the companys trademark phrase is: It works or we fix it for free. All Zippo lighters come with a lifetime guarantee (as its corporate website boasts: In almost 75 years, no one has ever spent a cent on the mechanical repair of a Zippo lighter regardless of the lighters age or condition).

Even so, these lighters have parts that are inevitably going to succumb to wear and tear at some point. And they need refuelling and replacement wicks from time to time. This is why we at Shiva complement our superb range of Zippo lighters with some essential Zippo accessories.

It can be a real downer when youre away from home and you fancy a quick smoke, only to find that your trusty Zippo has run out of fuel. Fret no more. There’s no need to try rubbing two sticks together if youre taking a stroll through nature. Just invest in a Zippo Fuel Canister. It wont matter where you are – from fell-top to lakeside, ferry-boat to bus stop – with this neat, compact little canister tagged onto your belt-loop or stuffed in your coat pocket, you can inject exactly enough butane into your Zippo to refill it once.

And because Zippos become collectors items so quickly, the last thing you want to do is throw it away when the flint goes kaput, Our Zippo Spare Flints Dispenser is the answer. Containing six replacement flints, this robust dispenser ensures that theyre easy to access and safely protected from damage during storage.

Finally, make sure youve got a replacement Zippo wick to hand, too.