Made in the UK by people who love their rolling craft as much as you do and are environmentally and economically concious. A great choice for the discerning roller.

Quintessential Tips have rightly earned a reputation for quality. All the tips are made from naturally occurring sustainable materials and are chlorine free. So, if you care about what you smoke check out our great range of Quintessential Tips. With these tips you dont need to find paper when you want to roll your own cigarettes, just keep a couple of these colourful booklets in your tobacco pouch and you will be ready to go.

Organic Hemp Coated Quintessential Tips have a hemp oil coating and are chlorine free. Hemp is a naturally occurring product and for anyone who loves the environment or wants chemical-free products these tips are ideal. At Quintessential, great care has been taken to produce quality products and it is this attention to quality that has made their products very popular. Quintessential tips have the perfect shape, size and texture to ensure that every joint you roll is a good joint. And for those who have an interest in the company whose products they use, Quintessential are also known for their commendable working practices. Nowadays everyone wants to reduce the amount of chemicals that they ingest and smokers are no exception to this rule. With Quintessential tips you can smoke your favourite herb with the knowledge that the materials you are using contain fewer chemicals than some other brands.

Quintessential recycled chlorine free tips means that smokers can not only enjoy a great smoke, but also be assured that they are doing their bit for the environment by using a recycled product and since this product comes from Quintessential there will be no drop in quality. Quintessential produce a range of tips that are suitable for different types of cigarettes. The Quintessential Hemp Coated Skinnies are ideal for rolling a skinny roach or for use with smaller rolling papers.

The Company

Quintessential are a family run business that has grown since the late eighties, and is run from the beautiful county of Cornwall in the UK. Quintessential may not have invented the smoking tip, but they are certainly forerunners when it comes to new innovatin. For example they were the first company worldwide to make tips from unbleached papers, and are still the only company in the world that use 100% pure hemp, tree-free paper. All writing is printed with veggie ink, making the tips not only eco friendly, but also suitable for anyone who follows a vegan lifestyle.