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Vapir Vaporizers offer a range of high-tech Vaporizers for trekkers and home users alike. Use Vapir products to aid you in smoking cessation or for herbal aromatherapy uses. Professional quality products at an affordable price, Vapir vaporizers use microchip technology to create the optimum temperature for releasing the essence of your herb without combustion!

Increasingly, vaporizing seems to be the way to go for those who want to avoid the wastage, health hazards and anti-social concerns of smoking. Whatever plant substance you use is vaporized rather than burnt, so far fewer toxins and carcinogens are produced. Simply inhaling rather than smoking gives a gentler, cooler sensation, but with the same great taste and effect! All the irritants that go with smoking are left behind, including the problem of passive smoking for those around you. No combustion means greater efficiency, which in turn means more savings for you as you'll find you're getting far more charge out of far less raw material.

Prima Vape From Vapir

The Vapir portable vaporizers are among the easiest to use and most cost efficient models on the market. Whether you go for the classic Vapir No 2 or the even smaller Vapir Mini Vaporizer, you'll be sure of a convenient, effective vaporizer that provides the best possible level of service. Of course, we also stock a full range of spares and accessories, from batteries and chargers to extra mesh screens, herb disks and replacement mouthpieces.

To use the Vapir No 2, simply insert your herbs into the pre-heated chamber and inhale. The temperature is digitally controlled, and a clear and easy to read LED display will tell you when your Vapir No 2 is ready to go. With spare screens, extra mouthpiece, inhalation tube, charger, cleaning brush and prodder all included, this has everything you need for a handy, portable vaporizing experience. If you want something even more discreet and bijou, the Vapir Mini is taking the vaporizing world by storm, as this tiny titan produces a remarkably dense vapour and includes all the first-class features you would expect from a Vapir product. Please note that the Vapir Mini does not use herb discs.