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Shiva: perfect products for you

At Shiva we pride ourselves on selecting the best products from top manufacturers especially for you. We understand so well what you, our valued customers, like so we have created our own range of vaporizers, bongs and accessories. The Shiva product that is perfect for you is waiting to be discovered. Whether you enjoy vaping, smoking or both, check out our top quality range.


Choose the bong that is the right size for you from our range. All are made from high quality thick glass to ensure maximum durability. These bongs come in designs that are both practical and beautiful to ensure you get the perfect smoke.

Bong accessories

Accessorise your bong with one of Shiva’s six arm diffuser ash catchers, available in a range of sizes and colours. Your bong will be transformed in both functionality and style with these amazing accessories.


We know that many of our customers enjoy both vaping and smoking, so we have created the Shiva Bill Vaporizer Pipe especially for you. Remove the gauze and heat the herbs. Once you see vapour being produced inhale and enjoy. To use as a regular pipe put the herbs on top of the gauze and light up.