The Bulldog

Bulldog Smoking Accessories

The history of hand rolled alternative smokes at the Bulldog Bar of Amsterdam is a seedy and delightful story indeed. In the early days, visitors to this famous watering hole and smoke venue could order a range of exceptional head shop items, evidence that it was indeed the Bulldog that ushered in a legacy of fun and flavour in international blends. Bulldog Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers continue the tradition of Amsterdam’s premium social club.

Why Bulldog beats bong

Unlike the cumbersome Southeast Asian clay kilims offered up to smoke a bit of tobacco at other bar locales in Holland’s largest city, Bulldog has long featured Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers to guests for their smoking pleasure. Popular with millions of smoking savants across the globe, Bulldog products make you feel like you are underground every last toke. Bulldog Filters, Tips and Perforated Tips packs also available.

Product features

Widely used by hand roll experts the world over, these smoke accessories are the lightweight, portable solution to enjoying extraordinary tobacco and bud on the go. Designed to burn slow and even, Bulldog Extra Thin Rolling Papers can be burnt to roach size. Smoke your own groove.