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The ultimate travel Vaporiser - the Vaponic! Get the Vaponic itself, together with any spares you require right here!

The Vapbong portable handheld glass vaporizer has become an extremely popular purchase thanks to its pocket size and discreet design. Like all vaporizers, the Vapbong requires no combustion, and the vaporized material is inhaled rather than smoked. This has several advantages. The level of harmful toxins and carcinogens produced is greatly reduced compared to smoking, and there's less waste which makes it much more economical. Cooler temperatures and greater efficiency mean a smoother, gentler experience all round, and without sacrificing any of the effect or intensity. Vaporizers are recommended for medical use as they minimise damage to the lungs and body while also providing an easier delivery method.

The Vaponic is simply an upgrade of the Vapbong, with enhanced packaging and improved design features, but still with all the same advantages. Just like the Vapbong, the Vaponic appears at a casual glance to be a regular marker pen, handy for avoiding annoying questions and prejudicial treatment. The Vaponic however has an increased filling chamber, an improved filter system, plus clearer and safer design, making it less likely to burn your fingers. It also now comes with a handy multifunctional maintenance tool.

The Vaponic is completely compatible with the old Vapbong, and spare parts are still available for both designs. These include both inner and outer filters for the Vapbong, plus replacement cases, lids, inner glass tubes and mouthpieces. The range of replacement parts for the new Vaponic includes inner and outer glass tubes, glass mouthpieces, steel filters, rubber stoppers, the outer marker case without rubber stopper, connecting rubber piece and of course a spare multifunctional maintenance tool.

Whether you choose to stick with your trusty old Vapbong or upgrade to the new improved Vaponic, we have all the spare parts you'll ever need to go on enjoying your favourite portable handheld glass vaporizer for as long as you need it!