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Blizzard, the handy little snuff bullet

Blizzard is a top name in the industry and is responsible for this stylish snuff bullet.
This is considered an essential accessory for a night out and there are many advantages to this range that others just cannot offer. This snuff bullet is designed to let you have a hit of snuff anytime, anywhere. Easy to use, this bullet can be used easily and discreetly, and works in a similar fashion to the Blizzard II.

The design

This snuff toy comes in handy when you are out and about. It is designed to work exactly like an ordinary snuff bullet, but it comes in a wide range of colours and is very lightweight. All you have to do is fill the base with snuff, then close it up and twist the arrow so it is pointing downwards. A quick flick will move a small amount of the snuff into the compartment.

Benefits of features

This snuff bullet can be used standing up in a similar way to an inhaler.

The twisting motion is made even smoother with a little bit of oil around the rubber O-ring.

Comes in a range of stylish colours and will not break the bank.

Designed to create and leave no mess.