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Greengo is the 100% nicotine-free brand for a premium smoking experience. The Greengo range includes grinders, tobacco alternatives, rolling papers and cones, and roach filters and tips.

Greengo grinders are made in an environmentally friendly way from sturdy plastic, recycled from THC plastic. The grinders are easy to use and make grinding your choice of culinary herbs and spices straightforward and fast. The plastic edges of the grinders are sharp enough to cut through herbs and spices, even when they come in chunky or hard-edged portions. The grinders come with a removable lid, so you can store unused herbs or spices inside.

Greengo tobacco alternatives include the 100% nicotine free standard ‘Greengo’ tobacco. Greengo is made in the Netherlands and has a rich, spicy taste. You can smoke Greengo on its own or mix it with your choice of smoking blends. Greengo is made with papaya, hazel leaf, mint and eucalyptus.

Greengo’s rolling paper and cones include the Kingsize slim papers with roach, Kingsize slim unbleached rolls, Kingsize wide unbleached rolls and King size slim. The rolling papers and cones come in small packs that you can take with you anywhere.

The roach tip and filters are made from unbleached chlorine-free card. Each booklet of filter tips contains 50 pieces.

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