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Smelly Proof

Keep your home and pockets odour-free with these airtight plastic baggies from Smelly Proof

Our handy range of Smelly Proof baggies is great for preventing pungent odours from filling your home, rucksack or front pocket. They come in a broad selection of different sizes, from the tiniest extra-small pouches to the largest super-sized ones. These Smelly Proof baggies are all constructed from tough puncture resistant plastic, so you never have to be concerned about carrying pungent smelling substances around with you.

These baggies are great for keeping substances dry, protected and secure – if you pick up the right size baggie for your needs, you can store just about anything in it. They are available in clear, white and black, so choose the colour that fits best with your lifestyle and your particular requirements.

Once sealed with the plastic Ziploc-style attachment at the top of the container, these Smelly Proof baggies are entirely odour-free and completely impenetrable to dirt, dust, water and all varieties of pocket lint. In other words, once whatever it is that you want to protect is in the bag, it is entirely secure.

For odour-free security and containment, make your choice from the great selection available, and pick up a set of tough and durable Smelly Proof plastic baggies today.