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Red Eye

An oriental invention some centuries ago has now spread further afield, and a market need has been created in Europe for the water pipe, currently known as the bong. Shiva has addressed this need and can supply various ranges of bong for the UK market. The bong is recognised to be a healthier form of smoking than cigarettes and has thus become more popular since filtering of the smoke through water removes some of the toxins which are present in normal cigarette smoking. One of the many ranges of bong stocked by Shiva is known as the Red Eye Bong range. This is a range of four bongs that is differentiated from other ranges by its quite individual styling and, certainly, by its name. You, the user, may or may not enjoy tongue-twisters but you will certainly enjoy the distinctiveness of this range. The four high-quality acrylic, custom-made bongs all come in a range of five different colours and have some unique distinguishing features, such as the polished anodised aluminium mouthpiece and base, the embedded cubic zirconia in the stem, and a detachable charm which can be used as bling wherever you wish. The heights of the four items range between 25cm and 45cm, and differing bubble sizes allow greater or lesser smoke filtering, according to personal choice. Although named as bling items, the unique design of each of these hand-made bongs has an aesthetic charm which could give it potential ornamental value and would certainly invite questions when seen by visitors. Each of the red eye bongs is range is supplied with two packets of screens and a drop-in cone for ease of use. All items in the range are affordable, despite the fact that they are individually hand-made. Cleaning tools and materials and additional packets of screens or accessories can be obtained from Shiva.