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Basil Bush

Established in 1990, only a few years after the summer of love, Basil Bush were established to help the British smoking scene chill out after all that raving. Since then, they have grown to be one of the biggest smoking accessories wholesalers in the UK. They sell and manufacture a huge range of pipes, bongs, papers, scales, extraction equipment and a whole plethora of other products.

Basil Bush Smoking Products

Their most recognisable products have to be their selection of bongs. They have everything from basic acrylic bongs n many different shapes to glass bongs, travel bongs and high tech percolators. Embellished with the man him self’s face, they are instantly recognisable and incorporate ever changing trends in bong design and function.

One of our best selling bongs from the basil bush range has to be the Basil Bush fluted bong, a simplistic mini travel bong, tried and tested and proving to have great functionality. It has a classic fishbowl chamber, extended fluted mouthpiece and a wide bore down-stem and cone piece. This is a great, affordable bong for anyone looking for a discrete, travel sized bong.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Basil Bush 46cm Inline Diffuser Percolator Bong. This is a gorgeous, scientific piece of glassware packed full of features, percolators and cooling devices. It has an unusual upside down "T" form which helps to house one of it's percolators as well as an awesome 10 arm tree percolator to help cool and filter your smoke. This is towards the higher end of the Basil Bush price range but definitely worth every penny.

Basil Bush 46cm Inline Diffuser Percolator Bong

The British are renounced in the smoking community for using rolling papers and as well as bongs, Basil Bush sell a wide range of papers, roach and other rolling accessories. From classic King-size to King-size slim, they have a paper for everyone’s preference. If you struggle to roll your own, they have some rolling machines to help you do so.

They also have a range of other smoking accessories and delivery devices such as handheld vaporizers, 2 and 4 part grinders, microscopes and mugs so you can enjoy your favourite herbs whichever way you prefer.

Basil Bush 4 Part Sifter Grinder

Basil have been a pillar in the UK smoking scene for over two decades, and we here at Shiva admire them as being forward thinking and reliable. We hope you do too!