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On Balance

On Balance provides a perfect set of scales that you can use to measure your tobacco, herbs and spices. The full set of On Balance products includes a set of Can Scales & Grinder, CD Scale, a Notebook Scale, OB-3000 3kg x 0.1g Tabletop Scales, the Jewel Miniscale, Digital Pocket Scales, 250 grams Digital Pocket Scales and Truweigh 600 grams.

The Can Scales & Grinders are disguised as energy drinks. Buy one of two versions: the 500g x 0.1 or the 100g x 0.01. The can scales include magnetic grinders that come with a storage compartment. The CD Scale is a discreet set of scales that masquerade as a CD cover. The inner screen is backlit when functional. Discreetness is also the main feature of the On Balance Notebook, which has the appearance of a typical electrical notebook.

You can also choose Digital Pocket Scales, which also look exactly like a personal digital device. They combine an understated device that you can use without attracting attention, while giving you a precise weighing result.

The Truweigh 600 grams scales are a durable set of scales with a stainless steel top and transparent lid. You can use the lid as a tray at the same time. Truweigh scales are made to be durable and highly functional.