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Tight Vac Containers

Select stash demands Tight Vac Containers. Ensure that your herbs are sealed in an airtight space with the best kitchen storage containers on the market. There is no better method of keeping ingredients fresh. Extend the shelf life of foods and other perishables with Tight Vac Containers. Popular for storage of smoking materials, accessories, and sex rubbers, these handy dandy do all containers are perfect for the crafty dabbler in you.

The moisture free solution

Eliminate the risk of moulds and odours to herbs with the help of Tight Vac Containers. Plastic, water resistant, suction sealed containers take the problem of excess moisture out of the equation and guarantee the integrity of fresh and cooked substances for longer periods. Tight Vac Containers enhance flavour without allowing ingredients to go rotten. Simply push down on the lid and lock in freshness.

Product features

The Tight Vac Containers multi-size pack is not only convenient, but also designed for storage in hard to fit locations. These sleek, durable tubes are designed for portability and easy carriage on the go. Great for glamping, any camper worth their salt will love bagging these Tight Vac Containers. Slip one into your jacket pocket and take it with you to the stadium or work, and never again be without your favourite stash.