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Oil Slick

Get a great set of stash collectors, or bong gadgets and gizmos from Oil Slick. The Oil Slick brand specialises in bong and hookah paraphernalia designed to help you prepare your smoking equipment or store your stash of smoking material. Oil Slick’s stash collection includes the Slick Stack Micro set. This is an ideal set of receptacles for your oils, waxes and concentrates. The set consists of five non-stick silicone storage pots; the pots are non-stick, allowing you to store your range of oils and waxes without them being stuck. Each one of the pots measures 27mm x 27mm x 18mm.

Oil Slick’s gadgets and gizmos include the Slick Duo, Slick Sheet, Slick Slab, Slick Stack Micro, and Slick Pad. Most of these accessories are types of plant extractors and bubble bags. Oil Slick’s Slick Duo set allows you to handle your oils and waxes without any fuss. You don’t have to work with parchment paper anymore, which can be relatively messy and difficult. The Slick Duo set is made from medical grade silicone and is completely non-stick. The slick pads and slabs are easy to handle and come with simple instructions. Never lose any of your oil or wax again by using this set of gadgets and gizmos.

Oil Slick are based in Washington State, and create products to make your smoking life so much easier.