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Sativa Bags

Sativa Bags – good for you, good for the environment

For twenty years Sativa Bags has been producing top quality hemp bags, luggage and clothing. If, like many others, you are becoming increasingly aware of the need to protect our environment then you will definitely appreciate these eco-friendly products.

Products for every occasion

Sativa Bags has designed bags in a wide variety of styles and colours that will suit you whatever your needs. Travelling with a bong can be tricky as you will want to keep it and all the accessories handy for you to enjoy, but you will also want to protect the delicate components to ensure that you reach your destination with your bong still in one piece.

Sativa Hemp Bong Bags

The experts at Sativa Bags have, of course, designed a product that will suit your needs. The Sativa Hemp Bong Bag displays all the fine quality workmanship that you expect from a Sativa Bag. The bong bag is extremely well padded, allowing you to safely transport a bong up to 40cm tall and with a diameter of 24cm.

The Sativa Hemp Bong Bag also comes with a removable pouch that is perfect for storing all your bong accessories so they are readily available when you need them.