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Zombie Bongs

    Zombie Bongs have classic style; these acrylic bad-boys are all black bodied with red tops and bottoms, and red details as well. There are a variety of different styles in the Zombie Bong range.

    Now, let's face it, everyone loves zombies. Or at least, everyone loves zombie movies. Or TV programmes. Who hasn't imagined themselves being as badass as Daryl Dixon? Yup, we sure do love our zombies. Although, the lack of a crossbow means that we're not entirely sure we would like to meet them in real life, though. In fact, it is probably best to keep zombie interaction to a minimal amount, and stick to smoking a badass zombie bong instead!

    If you're looking for a bong with a different style, then you're definitely looking for a Zombie Bong. They are made from A grade acrylic for durability, and they all have black bodies with red tops and bases, as well as a red chamber. They all have the word 'Zombie' written down them in a suitably gory font. These Zombie Bongs all come in different styles from a traditional straight pipe to bubble bottoms. Reasonably priced, these Zombie bongs would make a great first bong for anyone looking for something nice and simple that gets the job done without breaking the bank at all.