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Ziggi – roll with style

Ziggi is proud to produce the products you want – rolling papers and filter tips that are made from good quality materials with a modern design at an affordable price.

Ziggi filter tips were first produced in the 1980s when a youngster named Ziggi started to make filter tips for himself. Soon, all his friends wanted them as well and before long it was impossible to keep up with the demand!

New ideas

As the twentieth century ended, Ziggi started producing rolling papers with filter tips included. This simple idea was a huge success. Since then, Ziggi has continued to produce new products, all designed to satisfy your needs.

An extensive range

Ziggi is always coming up with new ideas for products and product combinations. The Ziggi papers URS combo pack contains 32 rolling papers and 32 filter tips; the pack can be bought in four different colours, so you can choose the style you enjoy.

If you just need filter tips, Ziggi is happy to supply you with this. The Ziggi URS slim filter tip pack contains 96 slim filter tips in a pack that also acts as a rolling accessory.

Whatever your style, you can be sure to find a Ziggi product that will enhance it.