Vapocane – transform your bong

Vapocane is an ingeniously simple idea to transform your water pipe into a vaporizer. If you wish to change your bong smoking habit to vaping, this product is ideal for you. Complete with an adaptor, the Vapocane will fit your glass bong, meaning that no further kit will need to be purchased.

The health benefits of transforming your water pipe into a vaporizer will speak for themselves. You can inhale the aromatic and active substances of plants without the toxic by-products of combustion, while the level of substances a vaporizer extracts is also much higher than a normal pipe can achieve.

Quality and convenience

Vapocane products are created from Borosilicate 3.3 – an exceptionally strong and heat resistant glass. Once assembled, filled and attached, the Vapocane needs only to be lit for you to begin vaping about ten seconds later.

What’s so special?

With so many vaping products on the market, you may be wondering if there is anything special about this one. The materials used in the Vapocane have the advantage of being easy to clean and produce an exceptionally clean vapour.

Unlike flame driven vaporizers, the Vapocane provides the user with a choice – using the flame directly or indirectly. The choice is yours!