Vapium Inc

Vapium Inc – for vaping off the grid

Vapium produces vaporizers that will fit into your adventurous life style. Designed to withstand bumpy roads and extreme conditions, you can take your Vapium vaporizer anywhere without the need for special maintenance.

Enjoy the benefits of your favourite flavours without the health risks of smoking by using this amazing tool that has been specifically designed for the bold life style you enjoy.

Benefits of a Vapium vaporizer

The long lasting, strong, utility-focused designs incorporate a number of features that take these tools beyond the basic vaporizer. Vaporizer enthusiasts everywhere will appreciate the intuitive features of this tool including its small size, fast heating, precise temperature, easy drawing and subtle vibration notification.

Rugged, reliable, refined

Vapium pride themselves on creating tools of exceptional quality, such as the popular Summitâ„¢ - one of the most durable and reliable portable vaporizers on the market. Create an aromatic vaping experience with the food grade vapour pathway and customisable precise temperature settings. Wherever the road takes you, and whether you enjoy the aroma and health benefits of sage, raspberry leaf, green tea or another blend, you can count on Vapium products to allow you to enjoy vaping in all environments.