Toy Joy

Toy Joy

Toy Joy in hot pink is always ready and forever chic. The latest in double dildo vibes, this one is as convenient for travel as it is for mutual play. One of the most popular products for women on the go, the double-headed dildo is a sex toy that provides hours of pleasure. Sexy in concept and sensual in performance, the Double Dildo is the ultimate tool for tag team takedowns.

Double the dildo, double the pleasure

Double-ended dildos are more versatile than a standard dildo. It is excellent for solo play or with a partner, allowing you to pleasure yourself and your lover at the same with the Toy Joy double dildo. Riding is easy with this Twice As Nice tool designed for nonstop orgasm. Insert the kit and hit that pleasure spot anywhere, anytime.

Product features

Made of firm jelly PVC, this 11.5 inches of flexible pleasure is the perfect solution to double holing that cannot wait. Great for deep penetration as well as light touch masturbation and foreplay, the Toy Joy Twice As Nice Double Dildo is the ultimate portable piece for getting the job done.