Torpedo Pre Rolled Cone

The extravagance of a pre rolled cone rather than a simple rolling paper is one that cannot be denied. Distinct from the hassle of standard rolling papers, rolling cones are pre prepared for filling with your favourite smoking blend. Torpedo Kingsize Pre Rolled Cone and XXL Pre Rolled Cone products are designed to enhance rolling outcomes, while adding a contemporary flair to your appearance as you smoke. Enjoy the ease and the precision of rolling tobacco and herbs with Torpedo Pre Rolled Cones.

Why Torpedo is the best pre rolled product

Torpedo Pre Rolled products are proven to improve the quality of cigarette results compared to rolling tobacco and herbal alternatives. The Torpedo Kingsize Pre Rolled Cone is a simple solution to rolling. Great for managing rolling activities in transport or other environments where a steady hand is not always afforded, Torpedo pre rolled products are assurance that no tobacco or herbs are wasted, and a blunt is ready to smoke on the spot.

Product features

Torpedo XXL Pre Rolled Cone products add volume capacity to each rolling experience. Torpedo cones come in four flavours. Highly portable, the cones come packaged in a hard plastic holder for travel.