Top Flavoured rolling papers

Slightly larger than standard rolling papers, Top Flavoured 1 ¼ inch smoking papers are designed to enhance smokes, with ample coverage for a perfect spliff every time. Longer lasting and wonderful in odour, Top Flavour smoking papers outperform other similar products both in handling and in smoking pleasure. Printed in get funky fruit patterns, these fashion coloured wraps are the trendy statement in smokes.

Juice’ em with Top Flavoured

Select from Sunrise Strawberry and Velvet Peach flavours. Go ahead and kiss – Top Flavoured freshens breath. Triple infused flavour means that these rolling papers smell sweet and taste extra fruity. It is the perfect accompaniment to non-nicotine tobacco alternatives and sticky green herbs. The solution to inconsistencies in tobacco purity and taste caused by variation in grade, Top Flavoured papers are infused with natural tasting flavours to give each smoke a divine, rather than sooty, after taste.

Product features

Sticky, thin, and easy to employ, Top Flavoured Papers are made in France and available in packs of 32 interwoven leaves. Trusted by smokers for decades, Top Papers are well recognised by users as a high quality rolling product. Roll with Top Flavour and attract new followers with the fruity sensation of fun cigarette wraps.