Teeze Butt Plug

Teeze me up, Teeze me down. If there were ever an expert anal plug, then it would be the Teeze. When partners require crystal clear persuasion, nothing is more effective than the sex toy designed for top performance on the back end. Sleek, innovative, and full in form, the Teeze adds more satisfaction to foreplay than the average bump and grind.

Flexible fun

A well-honed sculptural work, the Teeze is a medium thick butt plug with dimensions of 70mm x 105mm x 55mm. A master tool designed for the art of getting off, the Teeze is made of flexible silicone jelly. The next generation sex tool bridges the gap between toy and tech concept, and is the advanced sex vibe toy. Display the Teeze to let new partners know where you are interested. No other anal plug is more pleasing.

Product features

The Teeze offers hours of sensual vibration. Perfect for all-over body massage, this little jewel is well loved for its ability to vibe in small places. Designed to stimulate the anus and other intimate areas of the body, the Teeze offers one of the best stress relievers on the market. Easy to use and clean. Use with lubricant for optimal effect.