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Tasty Puff

Enjoy fruity flavours on your papers and tobacco with a spritz of Tasty Puff Spray smoking liquids

The new range of Tasty Puff smoking sprays are designed to turn a run of the mill smoking experience into something exciting and different. To add a fruity flavour to cigarettes, cigars, rolling papers, blunt wraps, herbs, pipe water or rolling tobacco, all you have to do is cover the item in a light mist of Tasty Puff Spray and leave to dry for two minutes.

Once you light up, the flavour should have soaked into the papers or the tobacco and infused it with the taste of watermelon, blueberry, grape, or any of the other flavours available to buy at Shiva. In essence, Tasty Puff Spray is a cheap and easy substitute for costly, flavoured tobaccos and rolling papers that often result in a compromise in rolling quality.

The Tasty Puff Spray bottles all contain one fluid ounce of fruit flavoured liquid, which should be enough for 20 to 40 applications, depending on how much you choose to use on your rolling paraphernalia. The bottles are very small and discreet, and can be slipped into a bag, purse or pocket with no effort at all.