Get precise measurements right first time, every time, with state of the art Tanita measuring scales

The name Tanita has become synonymous with top of the line measuring scales, and those on offer at Shiva are certainly no exception. These state of the art devices are some of the most accurate and precise on the market, so if you care about getting things right, Tanita is most certainly the brand for you. With a range of advanced features and a sleek and modern design, these measuring scales would look perfect in a contemporary kitchen.

With a durable outer case, an innovative digital display, and the ability to take incredibly precise measurements up to a weight of 200 grams, you will be hard-pressed to find scales as impressive as those designed and created by Tanita.

These Tanita measuring scales can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and then stored in a cupboard or cabinet for safety. They do not weigh a lot themselves, so it is important to handle the scales with care – these are delicate and fragile items.

For measurements that promise never to let you down, put your faith in these sophisticated Tanita measuring scales today.