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Space Case

    Space Case designs are highly economical and the height of class and quality. Invest wisely in these selected beauties, and your culinary herbs will go a long way.

    Our range of Space Case products are all made with the same ethos: to be the best of the best. This range of premium herb grinders is made using only the finest materials, which make hard wearing grinders to last you a lifetime. They might not be the cheapest brand around but sometimes, you get what you pay for; and when that is a beautiful grinder which looks great and achieves unbeatable results ‚ I would part with a few extra pennies any day!

    Each model within this range contains razor sharp teeth which will shred your herbs and spices in an instant, with magnetic lids to ensure that none of your finely ground powder goes to waste through accidental spillage. Space Case grinders come in small, medium or large or as sifter grinders; also available in this size range. The collection also offers models such as the Space Case Scout grinder, which not only sifts and grinds your ingredients but has a storage compartment too, an all-rounder.

    A superb complementary model from this range comes in the form of the Space Case presser ideal to use with any Space Case sifter grinder or indeed any brand of sifter grinder. This ingenious little device is designed to hold the residue collected by your sifter grinder, transforming it into solid matter that can be stored in the presser and used at a later date for your culinary or aromatherapy needs.

    With their unbeatable quality, designs which are almost like works of art, their ease of use and above all, their functionality; Space Case grinders are a must for culinary enthusiasts and worth every penny you pay for them.