Snoop Dogg

Be one of the smoking elite with these top of the line Snoop Dogg branded rolling papers

The king of the rollup finally has his own branded rolling papers. Yes, that’s right – Snoop Dogg has lent his face to what must be the coolest papers on the market. For a rookie product, they are surprisingly impressive, offering an easy roll and an even burn. These rolling skins manage to be slim and thin, without feeling too fragile or overly waxy. It does not matter whether he is calling himself Snoop Lion or Snoop Dogg these days, because one thing is for sure – the man knows a good rolling paper when he sees one.

We stock both individual packs and bulk packages of fifty king-sized Snoop Dogg rolling papers. If you invest in a bulk box, you can dispense with running out to the nearest newsagents every time that you run out of papers. If friends come round to share a smoke with you, there is no need to worry about running out of the essentials.

For all of those smoking enthusiasts who cannot wait to “smoke it like it’s hot” with these Snoop Dogg rolling papers, it’s time to enjoy rollups that taste as great as they look and feel