Smokers Choice

Create perfect rollups every time with handmade filter tips and roaches from Smokers’ Choice

This exciting range of Smokers’ Choice roaches and filter tips is all that you will ever need to create the perfect rollups. For true smoking enthusiasts who take their vice seriously, there is no better choice than this Danish brand, known worldwide for the quality of its smoking materials and wide range of rolling accessories.

For roaches and filter tips that are robust, sturdy and guaranteed to last as long as you do, pick up a packet of your desire from Smokers’ Choice. We stock everything from eco-friendly filter tips to coloured, and all-natural tips and roaches. You just have to pick your poison and you can then start enjoying the finest rollups available.

These roaches and filters are all handmade and of a truly excellent quality, so they are guaranteed to enhance the overall quality, taste and structure of your own unique rolling creations. As Smokers’ Choice filter tips and roaches come in almost every variety you could ever want, you will never be hard-pressed for choice when browsing our store.

For undeniable quality, put your faith in these homemade filter tips and roaches from Smokers’ Choice today.