Silver Palm Leaf

Silver Palm Leaf – the credit card pipe

The Silver Palm Leaf Pipe is one of the world’s best-known pipes. Also known as the Credit Card Pipe because of its size and shape, the Silver Palm Leaf Pipe provides a smooth smoking experience. Back in its original design this pipe is enjoyed by smoking aficionados around the world.

Why is it so popular?

It is hard to say why the Silver Palm Leaf Pipe is so popular. Perhaps it is the top quality stainless steel from which the pipe is crafted. This material improves with age and should last a lifetime. Maybe it is the beauty of the design that is adorned by a simple tree logo. Could it be the compact size that makes it so easy to carry or the ease with which the pipe can be cleaned? Perhaps it could be the simple, but efficient design of the cooling system that brings the smoke to your mouth.


Silver Palm Leaf makes it easy and affordable for you to always have the custom made Silver Palm Leaf Pipe screens to use in the pipe. These screens are made from tough steel with a very fine woven mesh that will fit your Silver Palm Leaf Pipe perfectly.