Proto Pipe

Proto Pipe – a classic smoking experience

If you want a classic pipe that will serve you for a lifetime and that looks amazing as well you need the Proto Pipe. The Proto Pipe was designed in America in the 1960s and has remained a popular choice ever since. It produces a smooth smoke and there has been no need to change the design – after all, why tamper with perfection?

Benefits of a Proto Pipe

The Original Proto Pipe Deluxe comes with a built-in poker, a storage pod for your tobacco or herbs and a removable tar trap. The in-built brass screen is very easy to clean. The Proto Pipe has been expertly crafted from solid brass making it a thing of real beauty. As well as providing an amazing smoking experience the Proto Pipe is also fast becoming a collector’s item.

Replacement cleaning prodder

Your Proto Pipe should last a lifetime if you look after it. However, if you do lose your cleaning prodder there is no need for you to worry. Proto Pipe sells replacement cleaning prodders for a very reasonable price, making it easy for you to keep your Proto Pipe clean and ready to enjoy a lifetime of classic smoking experiences.