Pitara – the perfect shaped smoke

Sharing a smoke with friends is one of life’s pleasures, but it has its drawbacks. Are you fed up with the lack of hygiene and the wet papers? Never fear – this revolutionary product from Pitara will solve these problems and give you and your friends the perfect smoke every time.

Change for the better

Since the Pitara Tips brand was founded in 2007 its main goal has been to enhance the experience of rolling and smoking. One of its striking innovations has been the Pitara Reusable Roach and Rolling Aid.

By rolling your smoke tightly around one of these you will get the perfect shape every time while preventing a lack of hygiene and wet paper when you share your smoke with your friends.

Choose your style

Pitara knows that everyone has their preferred shape of smoke, so it has produced the Pitara Reusable Roach and Rolling Aid in three styles: Elegant Rosewood, Refined Glass and Classic Oak. If you like a cone-shaped smoke choose one of the wooden Pitara aids, while if you prefer a straight, thin, stylish shape choose the glass one.

All models come with full instructions and a cleaning tool, so that you can enjoy the perfect roll-up for many smokes to come.