PAX Labs Inc.

Formally know as Ploom, PAX Labs Inc is a San Francisco based company who were founded by two Stanford Design Program graduates with a mission of making smoking obsolete. Their Portfolio of vaporizers includes the PAX, JUUL and now the space age PAX 2. Their products are beautifully designed, technologically advance and are always very well thought though.

With the introduction of the Pax 2 in late 2015, Pax have really pushed the portable vaporizer game by containing such a powerful punch, in such a small device. The battery life of the updated vaporizer is said to last 35% longer than that of its predecessor, and the unit itself is 25% and 10% lighter.

PAX create beautiful and unique portable vaporizers that are unlike any other currently on the market.

We believe here at Shiva that Pax really are listening to what the consumer wants and are delivering products that are like no other.