No. 1 is a leading brand of bong accessories, tobacco, herb and spice grinder accessories and hookah accessories. No. 1’s bong accessories include an efficient bong cleaner that comes in a 100ml bottle. Leave your bong smelling as good as new after using No. 1’s bong cleaner. An effective deep clean of your bong also prolongs its lifespan. The bong cleaner couldn’t be easier to use: simply spray the solution onto the area to be cleaned, leave it to soak, then wipe it off, rinse and dry the area. Repeat if necessary. No. 1’s bong cleaner is non-toxic, pH-neutral, 100% alcohol-free and does not contain solvents. Its 100% biological ingredients mean you can use the cleaning solution on plastics, aluminium and most other materials without risking any damage to them.

No. 1 also offers a grinder cleaner available in a 50ml bottle. Like the bong cleaner, the grinder cleaner is safe to use on most materials. It is made with 100% biological ingredients and does not contain harsh substances such as alcohol. To use, simply spray some onto the area to be cleaned, leave to soak, then rinse and dry.

No. 1’s shisha-clean comes in a 100ml bottle and can be used with shishas, vaporisers, and bongs. Use the solution with a cloth or a bong brush.