Mountain High

Mountain High is a Dutch brand that produces hookah accessories, rolling papers, and cones. The pre-rolled cones are perfect if you just want something that works, without having to spend much time on rolling your own papers. Established in 1995, Mountain High take the hassle out of rolling your own smokes, and guarantee a perfect cone every single time. They can be filled manually or by using a Mountain High filling machine.

Mountain High pre-rolled cones are conical in shape and are made with premium quality cigarette papers. The papers are wafer thin: so thin, in fact, as to be translucent. The cigarette paper is combined with high quality cardboard filters for optimum quality and efficiency. The filter tip improves your smoking experience. It reduces the blend penetration while allowing smoke to come through for a comfortable, premium smoke. The cones come with a glued seam so you can seal them easily.

Mountain High’s cones come in a range of sizes including:

Kingsize Natural: Cones in packs of three, each of them 109mm long
Supersize cones: Cones in single blister packs, each 180mm long, with a 54mm filter
Giga Size: Cones which are 280mm long, with 88mm filters, available in a single blister pack
Joy Box: Three king-size cones
Basic Kingsize: 12 cones, each 109mm long
Black Label Party Size: 32 cones, each 140mm long
Black Label Kingsize: Cones in a single pack, of 109mm long