Make Your Own

The Make Your Own brand produces rolling papers and a cigarette maker as part of its range of products. Its rolling papers come in a pack of one hundred king size cigarette filter tubes. The cigarette filter tubes consist of a long white rolled paper tip and a shorter, light brown coloured filter. The great thing about Make Your Own’s cigarette filter tubes is that you can roll a cigarette easily, quickly and at a fraction of the cost of a pre-rolled alternative. Use the cigarette filter tubes with Make Your Own’s cigarette filling machine along with its range of tobacco alternatives.

Make Your Own’s tobacco alternatives include Herbal Rolling Tobacco, Pre-Rolled Herbal Cigarettes, Ecstasy, Greengo, Honeyrose, Knaster, Mellow Yellow, NTB, Soex and Tobakno. These tobacco alternatives are nicotine free and free from the chemicals in many mainstream cigarette brands.

Make Your Own’s Cigarette Maker is ideal if you want to use your own tobacco and rolling paper. The compact and easy to use cigarette maker weighs just 121 grams and provides a superior rolled cigarette in no time. You can use the cigarette maker to make a cigarette with standard tobacco or with one of Make Your Own’s herbal tobacco alternatives. You can use rolling papers, the Rizla Concept Filter Tubes or OCB Filter Cigarette Tubes.