Lelo sex toys

Lelo sex toys are stylish, discreet and highly pleasurable, ideal for fun times in the shower, bath or just when you have some time for yourself. The toys are ergonomic and can be used solo or with a partner.

Choose from a range of stylish sex toys

Lelo sex toys include the Nea Rechargeable Vibrator, Ella Silicone Dildo, Mia 2 Deep Rose Lipstick Vibrator, Luna Beads Noir and Noa Couples Massager. The Lelo Nea Rechargeable Vibrator is a discreet vibrator that you can control easily with the palm of your hand. It is pocket sized and has a gentle curve.

The Lelo Ella Silicone Dildo is made from high-quality medical-grade silicone and is an ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing and stylish dildo. It is perfect for solo fun or for extra frisson with a partner. The dildo is 180mm long and comes in black or deep rose.

The Mia 2 Deep Rose Lipstick Vibrator looks just like a regular lipstick; however, it has hidden powers. At the touch of a button the vibrator gives up to 90 minutes of deep pleasure. The vibrations are powerful yet discreet and the vibrator is waterproof; therefore, you can take it into the bath or shower.

Lelo Luna Beads Noir are Ben Wa balls. The set contains two weighted balls, one silicone harness, an antibacterial storage pouch and five millilitres of lubricant.

The Noa Couples massager is a rechargeable two-sided vibrator.

The Company

Lelo formed in Stockholm in 2003 with a simple idea; to make intimate toys that were as stylish and beautiful as any object that we would proudly put on display in our homes. And this simple idea has gone on to reshape and restructure the entire industry. With over 2000 employees working on new innovations, Lelo are always at the forefront of creating exciting and beautiful new adult toys.