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    Bongs, or water pipes, originated in the Far East, and their use is now widespread in other parts of the world including Europe. Shiva stocks a wide range of bongs from various manufacturers and, therefore, is able to satisfy the varied requirements of the European market.

    The Killer Bong range from Shiva currently consists of 13 items (lucky for some) and can be subdivided into the high quality acrylic items, such as the ‘AK47’ with acrylic ash catcher for easier cleaning, or the ‘Klean Kut Killer’ items which are manufactured in a combination of high quality acrylic and glass for your smoking pleasure. Alternatively, the high capacity ‘Ripper’ for the more experienced bong user is popular. The global name of the range is very compatible with the distinctive black and red colouring of the items in the range; likewise, the names of the individual items are well-suited to the products themselves.

    Available in various shapes and sizes, the products are beautifully designed and functional, and have a range of affordable prices. The ‘Klean Kut Killer’ range was introduced with glass downpipes, giving purity of taste, and acrylic bases, giving sturdiness and stability. Several items in the range have a twist or an ice shelf in the neck, allowing the introduction of ice cubes, thus giving a smoother and cooler smoking sensation. You can choose from a wide variety of shapes that are designed to give different smoking experiences, according to individual requirements, and heights range between 21cm and 100cm, with the smaller sizes being suitable for packaging or transporting.

    As with cigarette smoking, personal taste is very important. The ‘Killer’ range is comprehensive enough to satisfy both experienced users and newcomers. A supply of screens and cleaning products suitable for all items in the range is available from the supplier.

    High-quality material

    Killer offers products made of either acrylic or glass for your smoking pleasure. The quality of the materials will provide you with an enjoyable experience, whether you are new to the scene or a veteran smoker. The size and shape of the bongs and their accessories offers you a clean smoking experience. Furthermore, the material combined with the unique design helps cool the smoke for much smoother smoke inhalation.

    Desirable features

    Aside from looking attractive, the Killer line of products offers a number of other desirable features. For instance, there are a wide range of products designed to suit your smoking experience. If you are new to the scene, you may enjoy any one of the bongs provided by Killer, such as the ‘AK47.’ If you are a long-time smoker, look no further than the ‘Ripper.’

    Killer Peace Pipes

    Killer Peace Pipes are a selection of gorgeous wooden pipes designed to allow you to smoking in style without loss of flavour or quality. Available in a selection of shapes, designs and sizes ranging from 5 inch all the way up to 16 inches allowing you to find a pipe that meets your needs exactly. Some even feature intricate carved designs adding a real touch of class to an already high quality product.