Get yourself a handsome Kavatza tobacco tin and pouch

Whether you are tired of carrying around a plastic tobacco pouch that doesn’t close properly or have long wanted to get yourself a decent tobacco tin or pouch to call your own, Kavatza has some great products to choose from. The specialist tobacco accessory brand offers a Large Rolling Pouch, Mini Rolling Pouch and standard Tobacco Pouch.

Kavatza Large Rolling Pouch

Choose from brown embossed leather, black suede, studded brown leather, black leather or brown embossed leather. Each style of the Kavatza Large Rolling Pouch is beautifully designed and highly functional. The central part of the pouch is a large pocket for your herbs or tobacco and the other part is a portable rolling station

Kavatza Mini Rolling Pouch

This is a stylish addition to your smoking paraphernalia. The Kavatza Mini Rolling Pouch is perfect if you want something that is easy to carry and you can choose from black leather, black suede, tan suede, studded brown leather or brown embossed leather. Each variant comes with a built-in rolling tray and enough space for herbs or tobacco and rolling papers.

Kavatza Tobacco Pouch

The standard Kavatza Tobacco Pouch comes in either black suede or brown leather, each with an embossed leather emblem. The pouch has a simple design, with one fold and a two-button clasp.

The Company

Kavatza started out as a small business run by a couple who were looking for a practical solution to a problem; that when rolling their long cigarettes on their tabletop, bits and pieces would inevitably fall out and get swept away and lost forever. They began by creating a box with a space for the rolling equipment, and solved the problem instantly, naming their creation the 'Kavatza' which is a Greek word for a private hiding place.

However, the box wasn't the most practical of solutions due it's cumbersome size and nature. During a festival, the creators had the idea to turn their Kavatza box into a pouch instead, making it much more portable. They made the very first prototype by stitching together pieces of old leather, and since then they have expanded their production.

These days Kavatza have moved their production to Romania with a factory in Transylvania. Romania have a history of traditional leather work and so quality is absolutely guaranteed!