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    Each model has a clear lid which allows you to keep an eye on how pulverised your herbs and spices are becoming, so that they can be ground to perfection. Kannastor grinders are available in two or four part varieties, as a sifter (for extracting the best and most potent parts of your powdered herbs) or as a novel body mill grinder.

    The range also includes accessories to complement and maintain the longevity of your model, such as replacement aluminium screens and special pliers to help you remove and replace the old screen too.

    Choose from models such as the clear body sifter grinder - which allows you to store your perfectly ground and sifted powder in its sifter section and comes with a complimentary plectrum to be used as a scraper. Or the four piece aluminium sifter grinder - which comes in a variety of sizes each including a spare screen, scraper plectrum and drawstring bag, the two part variety - with easy grip, a magnetised lid and complimentary drawstring bag or the alternative clear mill body grinder - which is a larger grinder for quick and easy powdering and also comes with a scraper plectrum. The durable aluminium teeth and mechanisms within this great range will rip your herbs to shreds quickly and easily for consistent, quality results.

    The range is extremely hard wearing and long lasting, with affordable and effective replacement parts available to make sure your grinder stands the test of time. Whichever you choose you wont be disappointed and you are guaranteed to achieve potent, finely pulverised powders time and time again.

    Kannastor, a Florida based company, aim to bring to you the world's most advanced grinders, with food/medical grade finishes, so you know that your ground herbs will be free from any impurities that could have come from your grinder. They are the only spice grinders available to feature the original guitar pick tool, as well as the removable screen for easy cleaning and screen replacement, and the screen guard to reduce stress on the screen itself. The extra large storage capacity will make your Kannastor grinder a truly indispensable kitchen accessory.