Manufacturers of high quality electronic vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. They make a range of different batteries, box mods, clearomizers and loads more.

Some of Kangertechs more popular products are the Subox Mini Starter Kit, the Subtank Plus, Subtank Mini, Subtank Nano, GeniTank and The Kbox.

Forever pushing the market forward, KangerTech are always coming up with products that revolutionise the way we vape. From their extremely popular All in one Sub ohm kits such as the SubBox, to their state of the art DripBox and SubTank ranges. They have been making stylish, functional and affordable products since 2007, and have strived to offer the world the greatest products they can ever since.

Their aim has been to to offer reliable and forward thinking products to the wider world. They pride themselves on offering smoking cessation products that can help smokers break their tobacco habits with many positive side effects. They use Japanese organic cotton in their coils to minimise any impact on the environment and the users health, as well as ensuring their batteries meet safety standards so they pose no risks of accidents that have been associated with some cheaper E-cigarettes.

Whether you are new to vaping, or a seasoned cloud chaser, they have a range of products to meet everyone’s needs. Their lower end products are guaranteed to meet the needs of someone trying to kick a smoking habit, and their higher end products definitely kick out enough power to fill a room with fog

Kangertech are well known for their ingenuity when it comes to engineering new products, and this can sometimes seem daunting to a consumer as they may fear that spare parts and accessories may be discontinued for their device. But Kangertech understand this worry and try and incorporate their new inventions to be compatible with their old devices. For example, their TOPBOX device came with the introduction of their SSOC coils which are compatible with their SUBBOX Mini & NANO.

They offer a wide range of different coils for their devices, so you can choose the one that suits your preferred vaping style. They have Stainless Steel, Clapton, Kanthal and temperature control nickel ones too. Their Clapton coils offer greatly improved flavour, where as the Kanthal and stainless Steel ones offer fast heat up times.

You also have the choice of a wide range of Ohms ratings. Choose a coil with a rating under 1 ohm for massive clouds and tasty flavour, or a coil with a rating over 1 for that authentic cigarette like inhalation.

Kangertech SUBOX Mini Starter Kit

The Kangertech SUBBOX mini has been a great success here at Shiva. The combination of affordable price, sleek design and ease of use made this a staff and customer favourite. It offers the choice of sub ohm vaping, or non sub-ohm, variable voltage, changeable batteries and a large capacity tank. All this is packed into a stylish, compact device that is super portable.

Kangertech TOPBOX Mini Starter Kit

Building on the success of the SUBBOX the top box added improvements to keep up with the demand of the e-cigarette market. They improved the power output of the battery, changing it from 50W to 60W temperature control, as well as modifying the tank so that juice can be filled via the top. This makes it a super functional vape that fits right into to a busy modern day life.