Power and agility with the Jimmyjane Form 2

Give yourself a treat with the Jimmyjane Form 2, a top quality, beautifully designed sex toy for women. The Jimmyjane Form 2 is a sleek vibrator with up to four different vibration modes and five different power levels. Ranging from gentle through to the top vibration mode and power level, why not try them all?

Try the mystery setting

The Jimmyjane Form 2 has a mystery setting. By pressing + - + - in succession the vibrator goes through different modes and power levels at random, giving you a superior sensation by experiencing everything from continuous vibration to pulse, wave or throb.

You can also control exactly what the vibrator does by using the simple instructions. The Form 2 fits neatly in your hand; as it is no bigger than the palm of an average hand, it gives you the ability to control its placement and movements precisely.

Two sides of pleasure

The Form 2 has a central body with two ear or wing-like ends. Each end contains a small motor, with each motor pulsating at the same rate. The combined power can lift you to another level.

To charge the Jimmyjane Form 2, simply place it on its base. The bottom of the vibrator slots onto the charging base without the need for wires or other connections and the whole unit is waterproof.

The Company

Jimmyjane have a simple philosophy; that life is better with a sexy twist. They launched in 2004 in San Francisco and have a wide range of top-end sex toys that bring exquisite joy to the bedroom.