Incredibowl Industries

The incredible experience of the Incredibowl

Hailing straight from Incredibowl Industries is both the Incredibowl i420 and its more portable counterpart, the Incredibowl m420. Both contraptions offer an incredible and purified smoking experience that takes away the need for bongs, water pipes and everything in between. The revolutionary design of the product makes it a one-of-a-kind smoking apparatus for the cleanest, smoothest smoke possible.

Benefits of Incredibowl

Both the Incredibowl i420 and the Incredibowl m420 offer unique benefits. For starters, if you prefer the latest in smoking technology, then you will enjoy either apparatus. If you prefer smoking on the go, you will likely enjoy the portability offered by the smaller, yet equally as amazing Incredibowl m420. Thanks to the Incredibowl, you can say goodbye to hot smoke and burning lungs. As your herbs pass through the glass bowl, they enter the brass nozzle, which cools the smoke before you inhale it. A fine-mesh screen ensures you never ingest anything other than the purest smoke.

Incredibowl Features

The Incredibowl offers one-of-a-kind features, including a cooling technique that provides thicker, stickier tar that is easily filtered by the stainless steel screen in the apparatus. Finally, a built-in expansion chamber provides the volume and density you would expect from a great smoking experience.

The Company

Incredibowl were founded in Boulder, Colorado, in early 2009 with a vision of blending innovative design and cutting edge technology to create new smoking devices perfect for the 21st Century. Countless hours of design and research have gone into creating their flagship product, the Incredibowl i420, which has won countless awards!