ID Lubricants

ID Lubricants sex toys

ID Lubricants offers a range of fun and affordable sex toys and lubrications. Choose from ID Juicy Lubes, Glide, Millennium, Moments, Pleasure and Sensations.

The range

ID Juicy Lubes comes in 12 great-tasting flavours, which are compatible with all types of condom. The lubrication is crystal and stain free; in addition, it is sugar free and provides a flavoured water lube for fruity fun. The flavours range from watermelon and fresh peach to banana and passion fruit.

ID Glide is a water-based lubricant that has been voted by customers as the best of its type for more than 15 years. ID Glide is non-sticky and is designed to enhance intimacy. It is water-based and condom-friendly.

ID Millennium is a luxury lubrication, designed for maximum pleasure. The lube is non-sticky and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple after a deep-tissue massage. It is odourless and compatible with all types of condom.

ID Moments is a gentle, hypo-allergenic lubrication, ideal for people with sensitive skin. The lubrication is unflavoured, condom compatible, has a fresh green apple scent, and is paraben and glycerine free.

ID Pleasure is a water-based lubricant. It has a silky texture and can be used without leaving a residue. The lube is non-sticky, odourless and virtuously tasteless.

ID Sensations energises and invigorates, helping clitoral stimulation and penetrative action.

The Company

Based in sunny California, ID lubes have been bringing safe fun to the bedroom for the last twenty years. Lube is more than just a novelty item to the folks at ID, it's a product they feel truly passionate about, a product t6hat they want to make better than anyone else, and that they feel enhances and enriches the lives of their customers, and we have to agree!