Icicles sex toys

Icicles is a fun brand of sex toys, offering the Blue Spiral Glass Dildo and the Textured Curved Glass Dildo. Both products can be heated or cooled for extra pleasure

Icicles Blue Spiral Glass Dildo

The Icicles Blue Spiral Glass Dildo is six inches of pleasure in sleek glass form. This dildo is handmade, blown by a professional glassblower into a beautiful long shape. The measurements of this standout piece are 25mm x 155mm x 53mm. The Blue Spiral Glass Dildo weighs 353g and is made from hypoallergenic non-porous glass. The dildo is unique and beautifully designed. The design is simple, with a gentle curve towards the end, and the tip is ribbed and broadly rounded.

Icicles Textured Curved Glass Dildo

The Icicles Textured Curved Glass Dildo is 7.5 inches of pure pleasure. The dildo comes in a broadly rounded design and is easy to grip in your hand. The middle of the dildo has a narrow body, with blue spotted lines ringing the grip. The bottom and top ends are bulbous, with the top rounded off and a narrower tip for easy penetration. This dildo, which is designed for deep pleasure, is made from non-porous hypoallergenic glass. Get yours today.

The Company

Icicles are made by Pipedream Products, who have been making innovative and affordable sex toys from their base in Chatsworth, California, since 1973. From truly humble beginnings, selling smoking accessories out of the back of a van, Pipedream have grown and expanded beyond all recognition, and have even become the first manufacturer of adult novelty toys to receive private equity funding, allowing them to become the largest manufactures of sex toys in the world.