I-Tal Hemp Wicks

Hailing from Hawaii, I-Tal hemp wick is a true grass-roots business. From humble beginnings, the family run business grew from 2001 in a family kitchen using only natural materials such as pure hemp twine and beeswax. Eventually they grew enough to move to the garage, and were originally sold only in a single shop on the island. Now I-Tal Hemp wick is sold in nearly 3,000 stores worldwide.

Hemp wick lighters played a big role in many different cultures, serving as candles and candle like devices as well as many other uses that are still around today such as pipe lighters. It s said that the letter 'H' in Egyptian hieroglyphics was represented by a picture of hemp wick. This simple yet profound symbol of our modern day lighters can be located on ancient walls, clay tables, and jewellery throughout Egypt

There are so many benefits to using hemp wick over traditional butane lighters such as a cooler flame, superior taste, countless health benefits as well as the fact that it is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.