Honey Bee Extractors

Extracting plant oil with the Honey Bee Extractor

There are many reasons why a person would want to extract oil from a plant, and there are many methods of extraction, but not all are created equal. Extraction methods include distillation and expression, solvent extraction, and solventless extraction.

The Honey Bee Extractor offers a safe, easy-to-use, solvent extraction method using butane to extract oil from plants. Butane-based extraction is a method commonly used by a number of professionals and thankfully, the Honey Bee Extractor is both professional and simple to use.

Prioritizing safety and quality

With the Honey Bee Extractor, you do not need a source of heat to extract oil from plants, meaning it is one of the safest possible extraction methods to use. Unlike other methods that may remove undesirable substances or cause unwanted burning, the Honey Bee Extractor allows you to maintain the quality of your plant oil without the risk of burning.

In other words, the Honey Bee Extractor prioritizes safety and quality, allowing you to extract the highest quality plant oil in the safest possible way. Say goodbye to the risk of burning and the need to calculate the timing. With this extractor, it is as simple as adding your butane and retrieving your plant residue from the other side.