Highland Papers

The Highland Paper experience

Hailing straight from the Highlands in Scotland are the Highland Papers, a premium brand smoking paper that is preferred by a number of smokers. Aside from the unique and quirky themes found on the different Highland Paper products, the papers are irresistibly smooth thanks to the natural materials used. Using only the finest rice papers combined with natural Arabic gum, these papers offer a smoking experience unlike any other.

Perhaps the most interesting fact about Highland Papers is that they offer a majority of colourful themes to suit a variety of users. From Zodiac signs to a policewoman that gradually removes articles of clothing as you make your way through the pack of papers, Highland Paper users will find both visual enjoyment in their smoking experience along with incredible flavour.

Highland Paper features

Highland Papers offer many features, including:

Quality Quantity Uniqueness Affordability Naturalness Attached roach strips or tips

In many cases, customers can purchase Highland Paper products in larger quantities at a generously affordable price. Combine that with the fact that these high-quality smoking papers typically come with attached roach strips or tips and you have a highly competitive product on your hands. In other words, experience the incredible taste of Highland Papers for yourself, today!