Head Rush

Head Rush specialises in bringing you a range of truly versatile beer bongs and beer pong tools. You can choose from a range of products, such as the double bottle beer bong, the pocket can beer bong, the strip/beer pong, the ultimate beer bong, the 18ft balcony beer bong, the single bottle beer bong, the Xtreme beer bong and the double header beer bong. As this list implies, there is something here to suit most tastes and evenings.

The double bottle beer bong works by inserting two thin tubes into beer bottles. Hold the beer bottle at the neck, place your finger over the carb holes and bring the tubes to your mouth. Tilt your head, turn it upside down, and start drinking as you remove your fingers from the carb holes. As with the single bottle beer bong, this method allows you to down your beer in a matter of seconds.

Play beer pong with the strip/beer pong set. The set contains 22 printed cups, each with a pre-marked fill line that indicates how much beer to pour into the cups. Play beer pong or strip pong using one of the six top quality, seamless ping pong balls. These beer and strip pong sets are great fun and easy to play.