Happy Daddy Products

Proudly made in Oregon in the USA, Happy Daddy offer an excellent range of smoking gear and paraphernalia to make your smoking experience a fun and groovy one!

Happy Daddy Products offers a range of rolling accessories that can help you to maintain your bong, pipe or grinder. Happy Daddy’s cleaning tools are easy to use and highly effective, ensuring that your bong and smoking paraphernalia remain in optimum condition, giving you the best smoke possible.

Happy Daddy Products include cleaning tools, a slinger titanium dabber set, stainless steel dabbers and titanium dabbers. The cleaning tool set is made from surgical steel. The tools are designed to reach those hard to reach places, ensuring that you can remove dirt and grime from your bong, pipe or paraphernalia. The set contains a curved cleaning blade, flat blade and a long blade with a curved, rounded end.

The titanium dabber set has a tool for most occasions. Each one of the five titanium blades has been designed with a particular cleaning task in mind, ensuring you can clean your equipment to its optimum quality. The tools include the Globfather tool, the Buddah Bomb tool, a Baby Buddah tool, Shatter Paddle tool and Crystal Ball tool.

The two sets of dabbers are also highly functional and easy to use. The stainless steel dabbers contain three cleaning tools. The tools are handy and come in three different sizes. The titanium dabbers kit contains six cleaning tools.